How to increase the amount of iron in the diet?

Iron (Fe) is a trace element essential for the proper functioning of the body. Its deficiency can lead to anemia and other health problems. Because of poor absorbability of the iron average diet does not provide us an appropriate quantity of the element. czytaj dalej

Home pizza

Components: CAKE: flour, 2 cups warm milk, 1 cup fresh yeast, 3 dag olive oil, 1/4 cup salt sugar czytaj dalej

Spanish Olives

Not every mom knows that children love olives. They are colorful, delicious and most importantly, healthy. They blend well with your favorite dishes toddlers. czytaj dalej

Neonatal acne and acne baby

Acne can occur even in young child - a newborn or infant. These are single pimples or spots with spotty appearing on the skin of the face, especially the forehead, nose and cheeks. They may be papules, pustules and blackheads. czytaj dalej

Pickled peppers

It was cultivated even before the discovery of America. After the Hernán Cortés earned Mexico the cultivation of this plant has spread to other tropical countries. Fruits peppers are a popular ingredient in many dishes. czytaj dalej

Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is well known and popular throughout the world. Mexicans are proud of it and consider their dishes for cultural heritage. The origins of the culinary traditions date back to the Aztecs, and many dishes for centuries remained unchangeable. Can we be sure of is that we know the true taste? czytaj dalej

Birthday gift

Buy a nice gift is not difficult. No trick is to spend a large sum of money on expensive item. The real challenge is to ensure that the most secret dreams. czytaj dalej

Grilled pork loin steaks

Grilled pork loin steaks. For sure the dish is very good. Recommended by my friends. It is not hard to do, for wanting nothing difficult. czytaj dalej